Wedding Jugglers

wedding jugglers

Wedding Jugglers

If you’re looking for some traditional circus entertainment for your wedding then our professional juggler are the perfect choice. Our jugglers are sure to bring a smile to your guests faces as they execute difficult tricks with practiced ease.

Our wedding jugglers are available as a walkabout act during which they will interact with your guests, pose for photos, and put on impromptu shows for small crowds. Walkabout sets are 30 minutes long and you can have up to three over the course of the day.

Our wedding jugglers can perform on foot or alternatively on stilts in order to really make them stand out.

If you want to go for something a little more exciting they can be booked for their high impact act juggling routine set to an atmospheric score with fast changes in tempo and style. The act is approximately 7 minutes long and perfect as an after dinner act or as a way to kick off your wedding reception party.

Wedding jugglers are a perfect choice if you’re looking for some fun flexible entertainment or alternatively are looking to fit a circus or festival theme for your wedding.

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