Human Statue

wedding human statue

Wedding Human Statue

Living statues are a really interesting and original addition to your wedding. They create moments of wonder and open people up to the possibility that things may not be what they seem.

Our human statue will create a wonderful talking point for your wedding guests as they are sometimes taken hilariously unawares by them not realising the living statue is in fact a real person.

Your guests will find themselves in wonder as to how it is done setting the imagination free and beguiling them into believing in magic.

The Silver Hand living statue has the appearance of a simple motionless silver man in a suit and hat with an intriguing big red button in front of him. Once curiosity gets the better of your guests someone will press the button. At once The Silver Hand comes to life to perform a short piece of juggling, magic ball manipulation or mime before returning to a lifeless statue once more.

Whichever guest has “activated” the statue gets a personalised show just for them making this act a hit with all ages. This statue works brilliantly at your wedding drinks reception or as guests are arriving for the evening.
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