Crystal Ball Juggler

wedding contact juggler

Crystal Ball Juggler

If you are searching for something more unusual for your wedding entertainment then our stunning contact juggler is the perfect choice. This highly specialised act is ideal for greeting your guests on arrival, as table entertainment during breaks in courses or as evening act entertainment.

The hypnotic movement, beauty and grace will enhance any fairy tail wedding creating wonder and excitement among your guests – the perfect ice breaker and talking point!

Our contact juggler will amaze your guests by magically floating the crystal balls in the air or cleverly rolling them all over the performers body. Starting with just one ball and gradually increasing the number your guests will be left in wonder at the magic happening before their eyes.

Perfect for wedding venues with limited space, our contact juggler works brilliantly within a range of themes from contemporary to fairytale. We have featured a small number of costumes available and are happy to discuss other options to fit your wedding.

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